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Happy new year! :)
Please be happy always!
Devianart was my communicate space.
always thank all those who have supported me.
My Picture was stolen recently.
Thankfully Had people tell me that.
i can't respond to his action. because, i don't speak english too well.

Now His page was blocked. Thank you a lot of attention.
I hope He Do not steal the Other people's picture again..
my name is NAWOL.
i'm korean Game concept designer.
i making for Ragnarok2 in South Korea.

this is my site Address.


■ business contact:

sorry I don't speak English too well

저는 한국인 게임 컨셉터에요. 영어가 아직 많이 서툴러서 긴글을 쓰기가 힘듭니다.
들러주셔서 감사합니다 ^^

Well as I've already said before, while I draw the drawings English is more or less my second language so please do bare with me if I cannot reply to your comments. By all means I will try to make the efforts to do just that which is why recently I've been digging into my English studies without fail. I would just like to thank you all who visited my Deviant and left a comment or two. I really appreciate all of your comments and will try to improve my English so I can reply to my viewers regularly. Thank you again for enjoying my artworks!


↑ Nawol's site  :)
sorry... korean only T_T
제 홈페이지 입니다. 죄송하게도 전부 한글로 되어있어서 보기 불편하실지도 몰라요.